Have you ever dreamed of speaking French, but were too busy to learn? Ildy’s revolutionary right brain method will allow you, or your child to master a new language without the painful effort of learning.
Ildy Lee is a multi-lingual poet and author who speaks 6 languages. She is also a successful composer with hit songs and film scores who has combined all her talents and skills into one powerful method: An unconventional short cut to teach French through music and songs. Her background as a recording artist, stage actress, film and TV personality and talk-show host helps to turn her classes into a live showcase, while her background as a Parisian law student helped packaging her creative ideas into a logical and highly efficient educational tool: Workbook and CD.
Since language is rhythm and melody, Ildy has put everyday sentences, such as “How are you?” “What’s your name?” and “What’s your telephone number?” into catchy tunes. Students are learning while having fun. No memorization is involved in the process, the method is built on repetition and sing-along musical grammar. Even boring adverbs, pronouns and conjugation stick to the mind through the magic of music.
Children love to attend Ildy’s fun-filled French classes where they learn colors through balloons, garlands and coloring books. The name of food products are being remembered by handling basketfuls of life-like fruit and ordering breakfast from real menus in a makeshift French restaurant from classmates dressed as uniformed waiters and waitresses. (See attached pictures) As their vocabulary grows, the students transform into actors and improvise plays, in French, of course! When a new word is to be learned, songwriter Ildy will instantly create a song around it and sing it over and over, until it is well engrained in the mind. To avoid boredom students play games such as musical chairs while singing over and over the new French word to be learned. It is fun!
The overwhelming success of Ildy’s sold-out “Mummy-and-me” classes is proof of how well her method works. Her youngest students are three year olds and the oldest one is seventy. Mothers are encouraged to attend classes to refresh their high school French and practice it at home with their children. Ildy’s method is tailored to the immediate need of students wanting to learn French quickly, bypassing songs, books and other standard learning tools that clutter the mind with superfluous words and rules. It is a wonderful short cut, and great fun! Plans to TV broadcast her classes on educational channels are in the works!

Several years ago, says Ildy Lee, my husband went to learn French at UCLA. Six months and thousands of dollars later he couldn’t even order from a menu in a French restaurant, forget holding a simple conversation. However, he knew rare words and intricate grammar rules. That was the first time I realized the need for alternative education. Also, I studied Latin for four long years, yet I wouldn’t be able to put together two intelligent sentences today. Furthermore, I observed a friend of mine teaching her daughter the song “Frere Jacques”. “What does Sonnent Les Matines means?” She asked. Proud to show off my knowledge of a rare word, I replied: Les Matines is a medieval word meaning chimes calling for morning prayer between midnight and four AM. “Hmm,” she said, “That’s certainly enlightening and useful for a four year old!”
Finally, how often do you think your child will need the verb “Je te Plumerai”, meaning I will pluck your feather out! This word is being constantly repeated in the popular song “Alouette” and clutters the children’s mind. Yes, there are methods out there that use dated songs to learn French, but I am convinced that it is far more useful to teach my students practical sentences in a song, such as “How old are you?” and “What time is it?” Isn’t the aim to enable students to function in a real life situation?

Ildy Lee

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